Transform World 2033
– Catalyzing Nations & Generations to Heal the Land

Revitalizing the church to transform society, fulfilling the Great Commission

Catalyzing nations and generations to mobilize holistic transformational “glocal” leadership to impact all the spheres of society and heal the land. After the World Inquiry 2002-2004, the Transform World movement began in 2005 to connect transformation leaders globally. It was dedicated to working together multi-generationally, and its 2nd phase began in 2012 to pursue Kingdom advancement in 7 Challenges until 2020. The 3rd phase of the movement begins in 2021 and until the 2000th anniversary of Christ’s Great Commission in 2033. The 3rd phase we call “glocal” meaning that the global teams now will focus on regional/local and measurable models of transformation in a post-covid world with its long-term implication. 

TW2033 Regional Facilitators 

  • Africa
    English-speaking Africa: Martins Atanda 
    French-speaking Africa: Jean-Baptiste Roamba 
  • MENA
    Sub-regions: Middle East (Arabic/MENA, Persian, Turkish), North Africa, Stans (North Central Asia)
    Facilitator: Hany Rizkalla 
  • East Asia (including China)
    Facilitator: John Hur 
  • Europe & Israel
    Sub-regions: West Europe, East Europe – Russia (& aligned Stans), Israel
    Facilitator: Viktor Matveyev 
    Co-Facilitator: Jerry McCarty II 
  • North America 
    Sub-regions: Canada & the United States 
    Facilitator: Hope Taylor 
  • Latin America
    Sub-regions: Andean, Caribbean, Central America, Southern Cone, Mexico)
    Facilitator: Richard Luna 
  • Brazil
    Sub-regions: Brazil & Portuguese nations
    Facilitator: Edson Bruno 
  • South Asia (including India)
    Facilitator: Gladstone Rajesh Kumar 
  • Southeast Asia
    Facilitator:  Juliette Arulrajah 
  • Australia/Oceania
    Facilitator: –

TW2033 Challenge Facilitators

  • Christ Missional Challenge
    Sub-groups: unreached, urban, decentralization in missions, indigenous, hidden people.
    Facilitator: Dan Hitzhuzen 
  • Poverty Alleviation Challenge
    Sub-groups: poverty, job destruction, debt, famine, idolatry of profits (capitalism), idolatry of the state (socialism).
    Facilitator: Terry Dalrymple 
  • Justice Challenge
    Sub-groups: corruption, trafficking, abortion, persecution, gender ideology, authoritarianism.
    Facilitator: Mark Beliles 
  • Worldview Challenge
    Sub-groups: M group, Hinduism, Buddhism, Communism/Marxism, Secularism/Atheism, globalism, toxic nationalism, terrorism.
    Facilitator: –
    Co-Facilitator of M group: Joshua Lingel 
  • Health & Environment Challenge
    Sub-groups: pandemic problems/medical, aid as a weapon, mental health/suicide, drugs.
    Facilitator: – 
  • Community Cohesion Challenge
    Sub-groups: division, polarization, racism, migration/refugees, North Korea, caste.
    Co-Facilitator of North Korea: Peter Lee 
  • Generation Challenge
    Sub-groups: youth, Gen-Y.
    Facilitator: Lisa Pak

TW2033 Sphere Facilitators

  • Arts & sport sphere
    Facilitator: Connie Lindsley 
  • Business sphere
    Facilitator: – 
  • Church sphere
    Facilitator: Jack Eggar 
  • Digital & all media sphere
    Facilitator: LaReau Anderson
    Co-Facilitator: Andy Game
  • Education sphere
    Facilitator: Yonggyu Lee 
  • Family sphere
    *Family diminishing issues: 
      P.C. Mathew 
      Chris Hogan 
    *Orphan: Karmen Friesen 
  •  Government sphere
    Facilitator: Art Lindsley 

TW2033 Internal Initiative (Prayer)

  • Facilitator: Sue Rowe 
  • Co-Facilitator: Daisy Whisenant
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