Mission as Transformation

An effort to define a comprehensive approach to transformation must be “rooted in the theology of the mission of the Kingdom of God and seeks to express the Lordship of Jesus over every aspect of life, economic, religious, personal, and

Lens #1: Seven Challenges

The vision for global change is strategic. God wants people to come to Christ and he uses people from all walks of life to be his agents for change in the world. He has brought many servant leaders together who

Lens #2: Seven Spheres

We are at a kairos moment in world history. As we gaze across the world’s horizon, several issues urgently beckon the church to respond and engage. It’s therefore necessary to discern, understand and recognize what God is doing; acknowledging that only what He has established will

Lens #3: Generations Transforming Nations

GEn Y / Millennials Facilitator: Lisa Pak (lpak0305@gmail.com) Over 60 Generation Y representatives gathered at the Transform World 2020 Global Challenges Summit in Bali to share vision and brainstorm responses to the challenges. It was recognized that this generation is

Lens #4: Ten Geographic Regions

To catalyze and connect God’s servants in order to work together in the geographic area where they live in a tri-generational initiative in their respective spheres or domains of cultural influence on God’s mission of transformation. Below are ten geographic regions where churches are



TWGLS VIII: 15-18 October 2019 (Melbourne, Australia) The TW Summit, Transform South Pacific & Beyond, was held in Melbourne, Australia on October 15 through 18, 2019. Please click here to read a report of the TW 2020 Global Leadership Summit

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We observe that we are at a "Kairos Moment" in world history.

TW2020 Steering Committee

Civilizations develop and flourish in response to the challenges they face with creative new ideas. When they are rigid, failing to respond to challenges, they decline.

A. Toynbee

Recent Movement

The recent works of the Holy Spirit which transformed villages, cities and nations in different continents of the World.

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