The vision for global change is strategic. God wants people to come to Christ and he uses people from all walks of life to be his agents for change in the world. He has brought many servant leaders together who have a heart to be a part of God’s transforming work. In order to maximize the impact of the 2020 vision, we have created teams to address seven challenges. Each of the teams of leaders is moving forward with a strategic plan.

1. Ideological Challenge
An examination of issues surrounding M fundamentalism, the turnaround within the Middle-East, and other global issues.
Facilitator: Iman Santoso (
Co-Facilitator: Joshua Lingel (

2. Family Challenge

An intentional focus on Christian Marriage and the Family with a call to integrity, purity, and witness.
Facilitator: Matthew Ling (
Family Challenge booklet: click here
Our global call: click here
Family Challenge Biblical Foundation Statement: click here

 3. Orphan Challenge
A focus on a world without orphans (WWo).
Facilitator: Ruslan Maliuta (

4. Poverty Challenge
A review of poverty lines globally with a focus on availability of basic needs among the poorest communities in the world.
Facilitator: Hal Jones (

5. Justice Challenge
A call toward a civil society.
Facilitator: Mark Beliles (

6. Christs Missional Challenge
A commitment to reaching the last and the least.
Facilitator: Paul Eshleman (

7. Celebration Challenge
An opportunity to identify, connect, and encourage 24/7 Houses of Prayer and Praise to God in every nation.
Facilitator: Fred & Sue Rowe (

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