The vision for global change is strategic. God wants people to come to Christ and he uses people from all walks of life to be his agents for change in the world. He has brought many servant leaders together who have the heart to be a part of God’s transforming work. In order to maximize the impact of the 2020 vision, we have created teams to address seven challenges. Each of the teams of leaders is moving forward with a strategic plan.

1. Christ Missional Challenge
Sub-groups: unreached, urban, decentralization in missions, indigenous, hidden people.
Facilitator: Dan Hitzhuzen 

2. Poverty Alleviation Challenge
Sub-groups: poverty, job destruction, debt, famine, idolatry of profits (capitalism), idolatry of the state (socialism).
Facilitator: Terry Dalrymple 

 3. Justice Challenge
Sub-groups: corruption, trafficking, abortion, persecution, gender ideology, authoritarianism.
Facilitator: Mark Beliles 

4. Worldview Challenge
Sub-groups: M group, Hinduism, Buddhism, Communism/Marxism, Secularism/Atheism, globalism, toxic nationalism, terrorism.
Facilitator: –
Co-Facilitator of M group: Joshua Lingel 

5. Health & Environment Challenge
Sub-groups: pandemic problems/medical, aid as a weapon, mental health/suicide, drugs.
Facilitator: – 

6. Community Cohesion Challenge
Sub-groups: division, polarization, racism, migration/refugees, North Korea, caste.
C0-Facilitator of North Korea: Peter Lee 

7. Generation Challenge
Sub-groups: youth, Gen-Y.
Facilitator: Lisa Pak 
Co-Facilitator: Sophia Hogan 

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