We are at a kairos moment in world history. As we gaze across the world’s horizon, several issues urgently beckon the church to respond and engage. It’s, therefore, necessary to discern, understand and recognize what God is doing; acknowledging that only what He has established will be left standing for His purpose and glory. Below are seven spheres of influences where churches are called to impact:

1. Arts & sport sphere

Facilitator: Connie Lindsley

2. Business sphere

Facilitator: – 

3. Church sphere

Facilitator: Jack Eggar

4. Digital & all media sphere

Facilitator: LaReau Anderson
Co-Facilitator: Andy Game 

5. Education sphere

Facilitator: Yonggyu Lee 

6. Family sphere


*Family diminishing issues: 
   P.C. Mathew 
   Chris Hogan

*Orphan: Karmen Friesen 

 7.  Government sphere

Facilitator: Art Lindsley 


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