To catalyze and connect God’s servants in order to work together in the geographic area where they live in a tri-generational initiative in their respective spheres or domains of cultural influence on God’s mission of transformation. Below are ten geographic regions where churches are called to impact. 

1. Africa

English speaking Africa: Martins Atanda
French-speaking Africa: Jean-Baptiste Roamba 

 2. MENA

Sub-regions: Middle East (Arabic/MENA, Persian, Turkish), North Africa, Stans (North Central Asia)
Facilitator: Hany Rizkalla 

3. East Asia (including China)

Facilitator: John Hur 

4. Europe & Israel

Sub-regions: West Europe, East Europe – Russia (& aligned Stans), Israel
Facilitator: Viktor Matveyev
Co-Facilitator: Jerry McCarty II 

5. North America 

Sub-regions: Canada & the United States 
Facilitator: Hope Taylor 

6. Latin America

Sub-regions: Andean, Caribbean, Central America, Southern Cone, Mexico)
Facilitator: Richard Luna

7. Brazil

Sub-regions: Brazil & Portuguese nations
Facilitator: Edson Bruno  

8. South Asia (including India)

Facilitator: Gladstone Rajesh Kumar

9. South East Asia

Facilitator:  Juliette Arulrajah 

10. Australia/Oceania

Facilitator: –

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