This is indeed the KAIROS time of God pouring out His anointing, authority and grace on His children to reach out, build bridges and transform lives in a colourfully diverse South East Asia whose population of more than 620 x106 displays a myriad of cultures, tastes, economies, paces of development and the world’s major religions/ideologies like Buddhism, Communism, Christianity and Islam.

In today’s postmodern context of rapid change, progress and innovation, many modern megacities /urban centers with technologically advanced societies exist alongside thousands of traditional, tribal ethnic groups living in rural subsistence villages in this region of contrasting disparities where the gap between the rich and poor is continuing to become wider. Although economic growth in Southeast Asian countries has been encouraging in the last two decades, poverty persists with 63.5 million people living under the poverty line and is still a major issue in the region with all its consequences in form of human suffering, low human development, poor health, orphan concerns, human trafficking, etc.

As you are a key servant-catalyst leader of influence in your region and nation, we would like to prayerfully invite you to participate in the upcoming Transform World South East Asia Poverty-Ideology (TWSEA PI) ‘Walk & Talk’ Conference to be held in Surabaya, Indonesia from 14-17 September 2015!

With a Cutting-Edge programme of Practical Workable Models of understanding, building bridges and working together harmoniously with others of different ideologies to alleviate poverty and impact the community, this conference will empower you through personal engagement and experience!

Besides models from parts of Southeast Asia, to facilitate ‘hands-on’ experiences, there will be field trips to some ministries of the House of Love or Yayasan Pondok Kasih (YPK) in Surabaya which is a concrete model for nearly 25 years of successful loving compassionate service to the homeless/ poor/ slum/marginalized communities and building of bridges of peace with Muslims and others to alleviate poverty as well as mobilize the helped to become catalysts in helping others! In addition, there will be opportunities to witness and learn how Interfaith ventures like Mass Wedding Celebration, Dialogues, etc. impact all the spheres of a community/ nation, to embrace the Million Village Challenge, to understand the significance of medical, educational & livelihood centres in poverty alleviation as well as to prepare the next generation to build bridges and transform lives!

As often social and economic issues in Southeast Asia are intimately linked to cultural, religious and ideological contexts, let us come together with other like-minded leaders from the region to seek God, consult, learn, share and grow together as ‘fire-starters’ in engaging others of different ideologies to reduce poverty in our South East Asian nations!

Conference Package from 14-17 Sep 2015 includes accommodation at Hotel Pullman Surabaya City Centre, meals & airport transfer for all delegates as per below:

  1. Twin Sharing: USD 200 (until 5 July, 2015) and USD 250 (6 July -31 August)
  2. Single Room: USD 300 (until 5 July, 2015) and USD 350 (6 July -31 August)

 To register, please click here.

 For any queries, do not hesitate to contact /email Christina at

 May God’s Amazing Grace be with all of us as we look forward to an exciting conference!


Iman Santoso
TWSEA Regional Facilitator                                          

Hana Amalia Vandayani Ananda
TWSEA Poverty Challenge Facilitator & Organizing Chairperson                                                                                                                                 
Juliette Arulrajah     
TWSEA Regional Co-Facilitator                                                                 

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