Transform World 2020 IHOPKC Prayer Summit

Organic Convergence
By the time we came to the end of the seventy hour continuous prayer manyparticipants used expressions like: “convergence”, “unity”, “streams flowingtogether in one river.”

We, the 200 mission leaders from across the globe that are part of the TransformWorld 2020 interfaced with some 2000 intercessors at the International House of Prayer Kansas City on March 24-27, 2013, saw God at work in this historic gathering. We came together for the Transform World 2020 Prayer Summit joining together for seventy continuous hours of prayer.

An Historic Time
“The time was historic and life changing for IHOP. Wow! The Transform World was amazing in what they brought to our spiritual family. We look forward to 2016.” Mike Bickle, Director of International House of Prayer in Kansas City

We celebrated with joy on hearing what God is doing as His people come and work together in accomplishing His agenda to transform the nations through our united obedience. We have seen servant leadership at work in the lives of our leaders and facilitators. Truly we beheld, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! (Ps 133:1)

Deep Imprint
The recent Transformed World-IHOPKC Prayer Summit from March 24-27, 2013 has left a deep imprint in the lives of our staff, students and many who are connected to us. Daniel Lim, CEO IHOPKC

More than 100,000 prayer gatherings or individual intercessors had joined the TW2020-IHOPKC prayer summit globally along with the 2000 intercessors locally in Kansas City that sustained the 70 hour prayer and worship vigil. It is safe to conclude that more than 1 million intercessors in 130 nations have stood in agreement to pray through various aspects of the 7 global challenges, 7 spheres of society, 10 geographical regions, The Back to Jerusalem Mandate, the 4/14 windows Global initiative and the Israel Mandate. We believe a significant birthing of the Transformed World 2020 Global initiatives has taken place within the context 24/7 prayer with worship.

We heard the passion of Christian leaders who presented their respective perspectives and plan in transforming the nations of the world. Such presentations of mission strategists, leaders and practitioners, were followed by intense prayers not only of mostly youth intercessors gathered at IHOPKC, but joined by a million prayer warriors around the globe who participated via live stream broadcast.

Mission-Prayer Synergy
TW2020-IHOPKC pioneered a unique and strategic model for future mission-prayer gatherings with 24/7 prayer connecting prayer groups around the world and opportunities for mission and prayer leadership to confer together under the canopy of united intercession,” John Robb, chairman, International Prayer Council, International Facilitator of World Prayer Assembly 2012

The extraordinary interface of mission leaders and intercessory army released God’s anointing like the precious oil on the head, running down on the beard, on the beard of Aaron, running down on the collar of his robes (Ps 133:2).

Together we affirmed the need to be fully dependent on God as we let Him use us in overcoming the diverse challenges, impacting the different spheres, and reaching all the regions and generations for the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we sought God’s face, we resolved to work together with greater sense of urgency to fulfill the task accomplishing the great commission in our generation.

As we rely on His empowerment, we are confident that God’s favor and provision will be released like the dew of Hermon, which falls on mountains of Zion. For there the LORD has commanded the blessing, life forevermore (Ps 133:3).

Exact Program Replicated in Brazil
I am writing from Brazil where we connected with Ana Paula and her team for their worship conference with 13,000 present and millions of Brazilians connecting. There were many lives dramatically changed here as they prayed the entire 70 hours! What a massive impact was made by Transform World here in Belo Horizonte! Cindy Jacobs of Generals Of Intercession.

During TW2020-IHOPKC 200 delegates from various nations of the TW2020 ten geographical regions were represented including pastors from the Kansas City areas and IHOPKC leadership team. Approximately 1000 prayer gathering leaders registered their prayer meeting online specifying their prayer location, prayer focus and prayer time. 60% of these prayer gathering are located within the USA. Reports from the fields in Indonesia and Brazil along with our online analytics revealed the fact these 1000 registered prayer gatherings represented only a fraction of the true numbers of prayer gatherings. Indonesia reported 10,099 prayer gatherings nationwide and additional 528 prayer gatherings internationally. In Brazil, radio station broadcast in 130 cities live and some prayer gatherings were attended by over a thousand intercessors.

Online Analytics
IHOPKC online analytics revealed the following summary data: At least 90,000 unique IP connection points engaged with TW2020-IHOPKC. (Each IP connecting point could have one or more intercessors) 130 nations connected with TW2020-ihopkc through these 90,000 IP connecting
points. The list of the nations with the highest number of IP connecting points: USA, Brazil, Canada, Germany, South Korea, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Mexico, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, Australia, China, Russia, Switzerland, France, Indonesia, Japan, Colombia, Singapore, Egypt.

“This is the day the Lord has made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it”
Psalm 118:24

TWGLS II: 24-27 March 2013 (Kansas City, USA)
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