27-30 June 2022

Training of Trainer I
Payson, Arizona, USA
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 12-15 July 2022

Training of Trainers II
Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria
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12-15 September 2022

Training of Trainers I
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The urgency of God
Is there an urgent nature in the character of God? Let’s see. God tells Abraham to go, leave, leave, and go all in one verse, Genesis 12:1. Then in Exodus 14:1, God tells Israel to turn, as in right now!
Patterson’s principles
In many settings, the drive to supply information has not been matched with a drive to influence the formation— the character development—of the learner.
Multiplication: from three communities to a whole region 
For many, CHE might be a good development program or a project. The strong emphasis on Evangelism and Discipleship has made the difference between CHE as a program and CHE as a wholistic ministry.
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