8-17 September 2019

Million Challenge Village Consultation 
Hirakawa, Japan, and Okinawa 

18-21 September 2019

Leadership Institute 
Seoul, South Korea

8-11 October 2019

Transform South Asia 
Dhaka, Bangladesh

15-18 October 2019

Transform World Global Leadership Summit VIII
Melbourne, Australia

24-27 October 2019

Global Forum for a World Without Orphan
Chiang Mai, Thailand

19-21 May 2020

4/14 Window New York Summit
New York, USA

Global Forum for a World Without Orphans
The 2nd Global Forum for a World Without Orphans (WWO) will take place on 24-27 October 2019, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Please get your invitation letter to join the forum HERE.
Report of Transform Latin American Tribal Indigenous Peoples Conference
The Indigenous Peoples Transformation Summit brought together 94 indigenous and 35 non-indigenous leaders from Latin America, we also witnessed many young people weaving this great dream, being challenged to bring God’s transformation to the youth of their ethnic groups.
TFW Poverty Challenge and Million Challenge Updates
Click this link to read the latest updates from Million Village Challenge – Poverty Challenge Transform World!
The Place of Orality in Church Planting
In many cases, when the subject of Orality comes up, it’s often necessary to define and explain exactly what is meant. The definition of the term orality does not express the magnitude of the Orality Domain or Movement. While the word, orality means a reliance on spoken or non-written communication, there are many other aspects and facets to the Orality Movement.
Please click on this link to read prayer topic about transformation.


 Transform World Connections

400 Orchard Road #07-01, Orchard Towers
Singapore 238875
Tel. (65) 6463 4695 Fax. (65) 6227 6084
International Facilitator: DR. Luis Bush
Chairman : Ps. Djohan Handojo
General Secretary: Ps. Harun

Contact Person:

Ps. Harun (
Ana Herlina (
Luis Bush – Servant Catalyst
Daniel Kim – Executive Chair TW 2020
John Hur – Global Coordinator
72 White Oak Circular, Saint Charles,
IL60174-4165, U.S.A



Transform World e-Newsletter:: September 2019
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