11-14 Sept 2023

Trainer of Trainers I
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2-6 Oct 2023

Trainer of Trainers I
Arua City, Uganda
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3-6 October 2023

World Prayer Assembly
Perth, Australia
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Redefining Revival for a New Generation
Many today are asking what is the point and purpose of revival.
An Invitation to Join a Global Movement that is Multiplying Disciples while Lifting Poor Communities
Righteousness and justice are two Biblical concepts that belong together. To separate righteousness from justice is to separate being from doing, faith from works, and love for God from love for neighbor
Go Where?
Mobilization at its simplest means getting people ready to move. If you mobilize a country for war, you take people from civilian life and put them in uniform, ready to move. Later, the generals can decide where to send them. That’s called “deployment.” 
Jesus Christ did not leave us to live out this human existence in our own wisdom and power. As Sanctifier, He offers us the opportunity to walk in true power beyond human reasoning. 

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