11-14 Sept 2023

Trainer of Trainers I
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2-6 Oct 2023

Trainer of Trainers I
Arua City, Uganda
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3-6 October 2023

World Prayer Assembly
Perth, Australia
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Why Art & Mission Belong Together
Arts and mission have not always been the best of friends. Many young people today and virtually all secular academics are quick to claim that Christian mission has too often dismissed local arts expressions around the world in an effort to impose “The 3 Cs”— Commerce, Christianity, and Civilization
An Ultimatum for God 
Have you ever given God an ultimatum ? Grace had a tough time. “When I was thirteen years old, I wanted to commit suicide. I said to God: if you are real, it’s time for you to show up.
Beyond Poverty
Approximately 16% of the world’s population are multidimensionally poor. If we are going to finish the task among the unreached, we need word and deed ministries that move beyond projects in a single village to transformational movements that sweep the countryside.
It seems Paul was being very direct and hard with his rebuke to believers in the Corinthian church. They were really not much different from the world, even though they had been called to be set apart in Christ.

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