22-26 February 2021

TOT 1 
Arua city, West Nile


22-27 February 2021

Arua city, West Nile


18-19 March 2021

Transform North East India
Leadership Summit III

Getting Past the Myths of Partnering 
Just a few key things can make the difference between a distinctive, excellent organization and an average, ordinary one. In the 21st century ministry, it has to include the commitment and ability to partner well with others. 
Where did All the Girls Go?
Around the world, families face great pressure to have a son. Sons mean honor and prosperity; daughters are a financial and social liability. 
John Wesley’s Plan for Multiplication
Wesley, the founder of Methodism, went to America hoping to convert the Indians. But he returned to England despairing of his own salvation, wondering, “Who shall convert me?”

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Servant of Transform World 2020: Dr. Luis Bush
TW Connections Chairman: Ps. Djohan Handojo
General Secretary: Ps. Harun
Executive Chair of TW2020: Ps. Daniel Kim
Global Coordinator: Elder John Hur


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