31 Jan-4 Feb 2022

Training of Trainers I
London, Europe
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3-5 March 2022

Transform South Asia
Regional Summit
“Billion Soul Harvest”
Chennai, India
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2 Mar-21 May 2022

Global Health & Tropical Medicine Overview
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Understanding Our Time
We are each a product of a mixture of influences. The answer to the age-old question “was it nurture or environment” is: yes – both.  In this issue, I’d like to apply the idea to how we strategize for the mission.
Can You Make Disciples Without Accountability?
Is the idea of “live and let live,” a biblical approach to discipleship? Is a “you do you” worldview taking precedence over living and ministering like Jesus? 
TFW Poverty & Million Village Challenge’s Updates
1.3 billion live in multidimensional poverty in approximately a million rural villages worldwide- many without any gospel witness among them. Will you pledge to help?
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