19-24 March 2018

TCD Training for Central Africa Region
Bongour, Chad / Ngassa Mario’s, Cameroon

16-19 May 2018

Transform USA Summit
Jericho Center, Colorado Springs, USA

6-9 November 2017

TW 2020 Global Leadership Summit 2018
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Four Tips for Cultivating Character
Last month we looked at the importance of cultivating character to impacting culture. A revival of character can lead to a renewal of culture. But how do we cultivate such character?

Glory & Blessings from Offences
Because we are human, and because we live surrounded by other humans, we can be very sure of one thing – there will be no shortage of occasions in our lives to become upset and resentful because of other people. The Bible calls occasions such as these “offences”.

Prayer Topics
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Transform World e-Newsletter:: March 2018
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