The second major global Transform World event took place eighteen months later called TRANSFORM WORLD INDIA 2006 (TW India 2006). The concluding declaration endorsed by the conference read:

As 1000 Indian and International participants to the Transform World India 2006 conference, we have celebrated and deliberated God’s work of transformation in India and the world. We declare the following before God and one another, acknowledging that this is a visionary proclamation with varying degrees of actualization.
1. We affirm the two foundational propositions of TW India 2006:
1.1. Transformation is a result of God’s Kingdom mustard seed—God’s power for wholistic spiritual, socio-structural, ecological and cosmic transformation.
1.2. Wholistic Transformation begins in local and national contexts when a creative Christian minority says “yes” to God’s Kingdom initiative and calling, applying Biblical truth to the Church and to the context, within a kairos/catalytic moment.
2. We declare that this Kingdom Transformation is:
Founded in the merciful and just love of the Father
Realized in the sacrificial life, death and resurrection of the Son
Released in the empowering and enabling presence of the Spirit
Actualized in the faithful obedience of the followers of Jesus
Reflected in a spirit of invitation, not in an attitude of bitterness
And consummated in the Messiah at his glorious Second Coming.
3. We declare that the Church must repent from disobedience and from all forms of dualism, as in personal spirituality versus social activism.
We embrace the wholisticnature of God’s Reign of Shalom, seeking to work with His transforming activity in allspheres of life. We seek to do this while upholding the tension of the “already” and “notyet” of the Kingdom, avoiding the extremes of both triumphalism and defeatism, in thekairos era between the first and second coming of Jesus.
4. We declare that the Church of Jesus Christ, as the community of the Kingdom, is God’s primary instrument of transformation.
But we also declare that God works through providential grace in societal movements and upheavals, offering kairos moments for the Church to respond to Kingdom breakthrough, as it interprets the signs of the times.
5. We declare that India is in such a catalytic moment in its history.
There are signs of God’s work in the Church through repentance from caste-ism that exists inside and outside the Church; and through a revival in evangelism and church planting. There are signs of God’s work in society through the search for personal and national identity; through the quest for an egalitarian society; and through the caste churning, especially in regard to the liberation of women and the Dalit-Bahujan people.
6. We recognize the multiple emerging transformational streams in India.
And we pray that Transform World India 2006 has served to further catalyze these streams toward the river of Church Unity and National Transformation.
Therefore we call upon the Indian and International Church, and we commit ourselves, to work together with God for the transformation of the entire Indian society, for the glory of God Almighty. Amen!
Transform World India 2006
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