24-28 February 2019

Million Challenge Village Consultation
Jogjakarta, Indonesia

30 April-2 May 2019

Global CHE Network Conference
Kansas City, Missouri

21-26 May 2019

Million Challenge Village Consultation 
for Central Asia
Spitak, Armenia

8-17 September 2019

Million Challenge Village Consultation 
Hirakawa, Japan, and Okinawa 

18-21 September 2019

Leadership Institute 
Seoul, South Korea

mid-October 2019

Transform World Global Leadership Summit VIII
Melbourne, Australia

19-21 May 2020

4/14 Window New York Summit
New York, USA

The Poor Do Not Always Have To Be With Us
Is there any hope of eliminating extreme poverty in our world? There is one thing that the global anti-poverty industry is slowly beginning to realize: aid is not enough. Aid alone will never defeat poverty. Aid alone will only create people dependent upon ever more aid and less able to support themselves. Poverty will only be overcome when people are able to support themselves without outside aid.

Does The Book of Acts Teach Socialism?
“A truly strange thing has happened to American Christianity,” Gregory Paul writes for The Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog. He claims that Christians who defend the free market are in a profound contradiction because Acts 2-5 is “outright socialism of the type described millennia later by Marx—who likely got the general idea from the Gospels.”

Good News from Indonesia and Ukraine
Dr. Mark Beliles, President of GTN, was able to visit Jakarta, Indonesia in December and sensed great blessing on the
transformation movement there.  

TFW Poverty Challenge and Million Challenge Update 
Click this link to read the latest updates from Million Village Challenge – Poverty Challenge Transform World!
Please click on this link to read prayer topic about transformation.


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