18-20 October 2016

4/14 Nurturer Event
Bali, Indonesia

24-27 October 2016

TW 2020 Global Leadership Summit 2016
Bangkok, Thailand

26-30 October 2016

Vision India 30,000 Youths & 5,000 Pastors
New Delhi, India


4/14 Asia Pacific Youth Congress II

Registration for 4/14 Asia Pacific Youth Congress is now open! To get a username and password to register, please send an email to with your details and name of leader recommending you to join the summit.

TW Global Leadership Summit V, Bangkok, Thailand

TW Global Leadership Summit V will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 24-27 October 2016.

Transformation Markers of the Middle East: Part 1: Initiative of Transformation in the Middle East

Less than one month prior to the Istanbul airport terror attack at the end of June, Doris and I had spent about seven hours in that very same place on route from the Middle East. We had come from a Transform World Poverty Challenge Middle East gathering to focus discussion, planning and training to end poverty and bring hope for all the unreached villages in the region. It was based on the premise that empowering villagers to meet their own needs builds strong bonds of trust offering opportunities to share hope.  Over the next week we were moved as we reflected on five potential transformation markers of the Middle East. The first transformation marker of the Middle East is an . . . Initiative of Transformation in the Middle East.

Transformation Markers of the Middle East: Part II: Ideological Transformation in the Middle East

At the Transform World 2020 Global Leadership Summit in Korea in October 2015 as we heard the reports of the delegation from the Middle East we were listening carefully as stories were told about the unprecedented migration from Syria and surroundings and openness of hearts to the Gospel. Again the testimonies suggested that an ideological transformation was in the making in the Middle East.

TFW Poverty Challenge and Million Village Challenge UPDATE

We are about one/third along the way of Model Villages being developed in 10/40 window countries.
From our records we see that we have models started in 22 countries, with 44 more to go!
It also looks like we will have close to SEVEN MVC Consultations this year and we are hoping to double that in 2017 and then double that in 2018!

Prayer Topics

Please click on this link to read prayer topic about transformation.


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